Casino software doesn’t sound too glamorous, but in truth, it’s where all the magic is made. Just think of the software developers as the animators to the Disney movies, the Michelangelo’s to the Sistine Chapels of the world. What the software does is give life to the wonderful world of online casinos and Canadian punters are just the lucky benefactors of their hard work. If you’re in awe of the beauty, the symmetry, the enchantment of how your favourite online casinos games come together, then sit back and watch as we explain how the magic works.

The Face Behind it All

While choosing a good online casino is important for many reasons, quality of gaming experience isn’t really one of them. The keys to that car are the software providers, so it’s actually the software that you should be looking at before choosing. That’s right. Players like Playtech and NetEnt are the ones who determine how crisp the graphics are, how smooth the animation will be and how colossal the prizes are that are going to be churned out. In short, online casino software providers are the ones making it all happen behind the scenes.

Canadians enjoy a comfortable position when it comes to gaming software because there are so many top notch options that are supported within Canadian-sanctioned online casinos. From Microgaming casinos to Cryptologic and more, punters in the northern hemisphere definitely have their pick of the litter. See these software gurus in action at all of our selected online casinos, guaranteed locations for fun and action:

Cream of the Crop Software Providers

With no exaggeration, online casino software providers are the backbone of the entire industry, and all are certainly not created equal. While there are a ton of great online casino software providers, some stand out above the rest for quality, variety and downright impressive features. Here are our top five:

  • Microgaming is the oldest and most well-known software provider. With 600+ games, the best live dealer interface and a reputation for delivering the highest payouts with progressive slots, it’s no surprise.
  • Playtech is the second biggest provider of casino software, and they’re known for their user-friendly design, 400+ games and beloved Marvel slots series.
  • NetEnt is a lesser known name, but not by much. These games sport amazing 3D graphics that are revolutionizing the experience and putting NetEnt on the map fast.
  • 888 Software excels in live dealer gaming, creating a realistic experience that brings the players directly into the casino atmosphere from the comfort of their homes.
  • Cryptologic is all about the tech. Pulling ahead with 3D graphics, customized browser settings and multi-sensory, surround sound experiences, Cryptologic is well in the race.

Mobile Software

Mobile technology is one of the most rapidly advancing fields, and while this is good news for the media, retail and social industries, it’s even better news for the gaming community. What it means is that Canadians can receive their favourite gambling experience straight to their mobile devices without ever skipping a beat. Currently sites such as All Slots, Platinum Play and Winner support all major phones including Android, Apple, Windows, Symbian and tablets of varying shades, but as technology grows so will the gaming availability.

Business Model

You may notice several casinos powered by the same software. This is because of the way software providers operate. Rather than creating individualized products for each casino, the provider designs software that is compatible for a range of customers, making it available to multiple users simultaneously thereby giving Canadian gamblers the ability to enjoy all their favourite perks of specific software providers across many casinos. So, for example, you will see Microgaming available on both All Slots and Roxy Palace.

The relationship between casino and software provider is partnership at its best. The software providers craft a complete suite of gaming capabilities with backend and frontend needs being met in one place. Frequently, providers will incorporate different “skins”, so each casino can tailor the look of their interface while working within a basic structure. Once the licensing aspect is taken care of, online casinos do the work on the marketing and support end. So your experience is a compilation of both parties doing their part well.