Progressive slots are the crown jewels of gambling; win an online progressive jackpot, and you’ve got it made. What makes these games so much more appealing, exciting and rewarding than the rest? Perhaps it’s the progressive slots jackpot that climbs higher and higher with mounting anticipation and excitement after every bet until one lucky punter falls to the floor in disbelief because he’s won. We’re not talking about chump change, either. The highest jackpot awarded was over £13 million. We’ve got your attention, now let’s dig in!

Visit one of these top rated online casinos to find some of the hottest games offering progressive jackpot rewards that will make you salivate:

Where to Play Progressives

Progressive slots are a hot commodity, so it’s surprising they’re not everywhere. Fortunately, for Canadian punters who can’t get enough of the exhilaration that comes from playing a progressive machine, there are still quick a few to choose from. Find these games at Betway, Casumo, Royal Vegas,, Spin Palace, All Slots, Winner, Vera&John, Lucky247 and Roxy Palace whenever you want them.

Mega Progressive Jackpots

While each online slots contains that thrilling element of the chase, not all progressive slots jackpots were created equal. Nobody would mind winning $100k in one shot, you just can’t compare that to a cool million. Here are some of the more mind-blowing games and providers you can dream about tonight:

  • Microgaming is probably the biggest name in online casino gaming software, and rightly so. This provider creates epic games, with amazing technology and superior bonus features. So it would stand to reason that once they put their bid into the progressive pool, sparks were going to fly. Microgaming is responsible for some of the most popular online progressive slots such as Mega Moolah and The Dark Knight.
  • Playtech is another top contender for most phenomenal progressive slots out there. Games like Jackpot Giant, Gladiator and Gold Rally create worthy opponents for anyone competing.
  • The Marvel progressive jackpots are an experience unto themselves. For one thing, it’s a four-tiered jackpot. Also, all Marvel slots are linked to the same till, so the jackpots can soar to dizzying heights astoundingly fast. Play some of the most exciting slots on the market like X-Men, Captain America and all the Iron Mans, and revel in the anticipation that every spin could land you a whole new take on life.

Some progressives are randomly generated while others require a certain combination, wager or icon. Whether it’s a major payout or an exciting package that surrounds it, here are some of our favourite progressive slot machines:

  • Mega Moolah, one of the largest pay-outs possible, is a random jackpot that can be triggered at any time, off of any spin and with any icon on the board. Somehow, though, the higher your wager, the greater your chances of triggering a win. This is another multi-level jackpot, with four possible graduating prizes to win.
  • The Dark Knight, a Microgaming masterpiece themed after the dark and mysterious box office hit, is another winner in every way, including the progressive jackpot it boasts. Like the Marvel-inspired games, there are four jackpots that increase in size waiting for a lucky winner to randomly set it off.
  • King Cashalot is not a randomly generated jackpot. Players have to wager the max bet and have all nine paylines active at the time. In addition, five wild King symbols must appear on the ninth line in order to receive the jackpot. While this seems like a tall order, the average payout is once a year and to the tune of anywhere from half a million dollars to $1.5M, so it can be well worth the wait.

Online Casinos & Progressive Jackpots

But how do progressive jackpots work? Where’s all that money coming from, and how does a casino actually turn a profit when they’re giving away all that money? The economics of it all is rather simple.

  • When an online slots machine is purchased by a casino, it is automatically linked to a network of other casinos also featuring that particular machine.
  • Each time a punter makes a wager on that slots machine, a percentage of that bet goes into the joint progressive slots jackpot. So, on top of the seed or foundation amount that the casino lays out for the jackpot, the amount climbs quickly and steadily since there’s always somebody playing across the network.
  • When the random number generator triggers the jackpot, the winner takes all, and the pool begins again from the seed amount.

Got it? Now just check the rules of play when you load your game of choice, and dive right into the action.

Mobile Progressives

Mobile progressives – Not all, but many online progressives are also mobile compatible. The Dark Knight, for example, is an Android-lovers haven for high pay-out excitement, and Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune will both work on mobile devices of every shape and size. Check each of your favourites to see compatibility across devices.

Progressive Slots Tips

Different types of progressive games will have varying rules for eligibility and play. Some will require punters to place the max bets and paylines in order to win. Others will bring out a jackpot only once a bonus round is reached. Regardless of which type of progressive slot you are aiming for, you can beat the odds with these tips:

  • Just playing progressive automatically increases your odds of winning bigger and more often than the standard jackpot games.
  • Bet the max to qualify for the jackpot win.
  • Check out any promotions that can give you an added edge on the game, free spins for example.
  • Take note of the average payout amount, and jump in when the tally reaches close to the apex.
  • The smaller jackpots are better bets because they have a lower variance.


Online progressive slots are some of the most invigorating games you can play at a casino. The chance at winning such a crazy amount is enough to thrill the average punter to the core. What would you do with all that money if you won? Visit our recommended casinos today, and let’s find out!