Over the years Playtech has released hundreds of online slots, amongst which many have leveraged popular films and TV shows to theme their reels and inspire novel bonus features. Of these, its Gladiator slot is arguably one of the most successful, bringing the Oscar-winning tale of Maximus Decimus Meridius to life as a heroic online casino machine. Although the film was released in 2000, Gladiator slot only entered the arena of online play in 2008, but even this seems like ancient history in online casino terms. Gladiator’s qualities have obviously given it incredible staying power and it’s still a force to be reckoned with at our recommended casinos below.

How to play

The main Gladiatorial combat of this online slot lies within its basegame of five reels and twenty-five paylines. To commence battle, players must first choose a stake for the next spin, and Gladiator slot has plenty of room for monetary manoeuvre on this score. Six ’Coin’ values between $0.01 and $1 are available, and by subsequently dialling in how many to bet on a single line (a value between 1 and 10) and how many of the twenty-five paylines you’d like activated it’s possible to bet for as little as $0.01 per spin or as much as $250 if you’ve the riches of the Emperor!

Once you’re happy with the total bet you’ve set – a handy Total Bet meter helps you keep quick tabs on that figure – simply hitting the Spin button, puts the five reels in motion to reveal your fortune. Should you be the type of player who likes to commit to a long run of games at the same stake, an Auto Start button lets you programme a sequence of up to 99 games to be played out automatically. We’ve never been massive fans of such a facility, but it’s there if you find the act of repeatedly hitting the Spin button a tedious chore best left to lowly servants in your palace.


Whilst there is a progressive jackpot version of Gladiator slot, the standard game can still hit home with its fixed jackpot of 5000x your linebet in the basegame. Should your luck really be in, this winning combination of five Emperor Symbols is also possible in this slot’s Coliseum Bonus free spins feature too, but here there is the tantalising prospect that such a win will also be treated to an additional multiplier. In effect that means that x5000 reward could be doubled, tripled or even inflated more times than that to make a serious killing from your triggering stake!


The Gladiator slot has two special feature symbols roaming its reels, both of which can win you the freedom of this game’s highly prized bonus games. They are:

Wild Symbol: It is the iconic Gladiator helmet that takes on the role of this online slot’s Wild symbol, but here it has no paytable value itself and is also only to be found on the middle three reels. It has the traditional power to substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter, but will also trigger the Gladiator Bonus feature (described below) whenever three appear in view.

Scatter Symbol: The symbol of the Coliseum – the legendary arena where real gladiatorial contests were fought in Ancient Rome – serves as a Scatter here, with two or more triggering a pay when in view, and three or more in view also heralding your invitation to do battle in this game’s Coliseum Bonus feature.

Coliseum Bonus Feature: This is ultimately a free spins feature, however an interim game is your chance to assemble the final recipe of free spins, multipliers and additional bonus symbols that will be the bearers of your fortune. Built up through lucky picks of assets hidden behind on-screen panels, this is a mighty opportunity to tool up a very rich free ride and liberate some truly colossal wins in the course of your campaign.

Gladiator Bonus Feature: This is essentially a scratch-card style bonus game, where a 3×3 array of nine panels hides bronze, silver and gold helmets, each translating to a cash bonus. The player is free to pick all the panels, and the final mix of helmets revealed is summed into a final cash bonus award.

Mobile version

Like all Playtech’s most popular online games, Gladiator slot is also available in a mobile casino version. Released in 2014, it offers the same quality of graphics and gameplay as its desktop version. Gladiator may not be the fastest or most action-packed mobile slots game out there, but if progressive jackpots are your game, then Gladiator is a solid choice.

Graphics and sound

Although Gladiator slot’s presentation has been refreshed over the years, it is beginning to show its age when compared to the latest cutting-edge slot releases. For instance, Playtech’s own Aliens slot shows the production values now possible for a movie-themed slot, and compared with that, Gladiator slot seems to be a little unimaginative with how its source material has been adapted into a video slot format.


Despite the criticism we’ve voiced above regarding Gladiator slot’s somewhat dated production values, we can’t argue with the essential appeal of its basegame and bonus features. Judging by its continuing popularity with Canadian players this old soldier still commands considerable respect. A hit when it debuted in 2008, Gladiator is regularly recruited into the best online casinos and remains a slot we suggest every new player checks out as a mark of respect and also a source of highly dependable entertainment!