The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight video slot games have been discontinued and are no longer available to play. For other great alternatives, check out our online slot games page.

The Dark Knight Rises was the obvious sequel to an already fantastic The Dark Knight original slots machine. Released in 2013, just one year after the movie blew everyone away, The Dark Knight Rises slots is a worthy progression of this lauded series. Microgaming has done a standup job keeping true to the characters and theme of the movie, even incorporating clips, audio and symbols from the screen into their reels. Fans of the winged terror will really enjoy all the authenticity, drama and visual appeal that envelop this slots machine.

How to Play

The Dark Knight Rises is extremely well done, from the graphics to the special features and throughout.

  • 5 reels, 243 paylines that are always active. Each payline has a different pattern that icons land on and payments are made based on where the symbols fall on these paylines.
  • Coin range is .01-.05 with a max bet of 15 coins per spin.
  • Scatter symbols trigger a phenomenal bonus round if you score three at a time, wilds replace other symbols for easy wins and speciality symbols like Batman, Bane, Comm. Gordon, Blake, Catwoman and Miranda abound.


There is no jackpot for this game, but all the action and unique features make it pretty exciting to play nonetheless. With a low-medium volatility, you are bound to win while having a good time.

Mobile Version

The Dark Knight Rises is available on mobile, but only if you’re an Android user. The game needs to be downloaded, which can take some time, so prepare in advance (Note: Be sure to shut off sleep mode or your download will be interrupted.) The great thing about having to download the game, though, is that the graphics and gameplay are flawless, an advantage for such a graphic-heavy machine.

Special Features

The Dark Knight Rises features some outstanding special features that will really blow you away.

  • Free Spins Accumulator: Possibly the best bonus feature of any slots machine available, (at least for a Caped Crusader fan) – the Bane vs Batman Free Spin duel. The two duke it out across the screen, racking up major free spins for you every time someone gets a shot in. The counter is viewed at the top of the screen, along with the number of multipliers you’ve received. Free spins are paid out when scatters appear.
  • Scatter: The scatter symbol is the menacing bomb. These are few and far between, making them difficult to trigger, which is not like most games. Once it does happen, though, it’s fabulously exciting. You’re brought to a screen where you can choose between Bane or Batman. Bane games deliver rolling reels and super stacked wilds, while Batman games offer extra wild blasts and heat seeking missiles (wilds). The number of free spins and multipliers awarded depend on how many that character racked up during the random fight scenes. We particularly enjoyed the random heat-seeking missiles flying across the screen blowing up symbols and creating wilds at random.
  • Wild: Wild symbols are the logos, and bats fly out of the screen when a wild completes a combination. The wild symbol can also explode into a pillar of fire, creating an entire reel of wilds.
  • Symbol Scramble: At any point during the game, the symbols can randomly scramble across the reels, leaving you with the best combinations possible for that spin.

Graphics and Sounds

Once again, Microgaming has created a vivid picture ensuring that Canadian players will feel totally submersed in the Gotham City panorama. The colours are dark and muted shades of blueish grey, and all the sounds are exciting in a low, impending sort of way. Movie icons are always welcome, and the animated clips are incredible. Lowball wins are illuminated with a tinkling sound and character matches deliver short clips of them.


There’s not much to argue against The Dark Knight Rises – players from all over the world are constantly enjoying the action and entertainment the game has to offer. That, combined, with major winnings potential makes this Microgaming machine a true Marvel.