Modern slots have revolutionalized the casino industry, making them one of the most popular types of games in both online and real casinos. Although you can still find classic 3-reel slots in the market, the demand for 5-reel video slots is significantly higher.

The most sought-after category of video slots are the 243 payline slots, enabling you a tremendous 243 ways to win! This takes the game to a whole new level of excitement with an extremely high degree of engagement that is on par with video games.

With such an overwhelming amount of video slots out there, it could be difficult to pick a few to start with. But fear not! We have chosen some of the most popular tried-and-tested 243 payline slots that have proven to be worth the time and great for beginners:

  • Thunderstruck 2: Get ready for a fantastical adventure in Asgard where you battle with Norse gods and unlock various bonus games of free spins and cash prizes.
  • Battlestar Galactica: Defend the human race and battle Cylons on the reels when you play this exciting science fiction theme slot filled with scatters, wilds, and multipliers.
  • Dark Knight Rises: Based on the iconic blockbuster “Dark Knight Rises”, this massively popular game features star-studded characters, superior graphics, topnotch animations.

How 243 payline slots work

Slots have a fixed number of paylines, which are lines on which payouts are given if a winning combination of symbols occurs. The symbols are usually counted from left to right but some slots do offer paylines from right to left in certain bonus features. Standard payline games often allow players to decide on how many paylines they want active and how much they would like to wager for each line.

At first glance, 243 payline video slots could seem complicated with such an astounding number of ways to win. However, this could not be further from the truth. 243-way slots are far simpler for the players because it completely eliminates the need to keep track of any particular payline and you are not limited by the paylines. As long as you land several matching symbols consecutively, you’ll receive a payout, wherever the symbols end up on the reels. Therefore, what type of line pattern the identical symbols form is now irrelevant.

In case you’re wondering how slot makers arrive at the magic number of 243, it really just boils down to mathematics. A reel can only display 3 symbols at any given time when it has stopped and slots build a payline by selecting one visible symbol from each reel. Since video slots have 5 reels in total, the number of possible paylines is 3x3x3x3x3 or 35 = 243. Thus, a 243 payline slot is essential an all-ways-to-win slot.

For example, in the well-known sports-themed slot, Basketball Star, you need to spin 5 Power Forward symbols which line up consecutively to hit the biggest jackpot of 1.2 million coins. Because it’s a 243 payline slot, the Power Forward symbol is now similar to a scatter where all you need to watch out for is for the presence of 5 of the symbols anywhere on the screen and not worry about their locations.

Advantages of 243 payline slots

There are many reasons why 243-way video slots are so popular even amongst seasoned punters:

  • Never worry about paylines: just keep an eye out for consecutive matching symbols and you win. Because of this reason, this type of slots is great for beginners too.
  • More opportunities to win: as winning combinations occur more frequently, your chances of spinning one increases significantly.
  • Superior graphics and animations: since 243 payline slots are usually more advanced, they tend to have top quality graphics and effects.
  • High level of engagement: these 5-reel slots often have a variety of exciting bonus features. Pair that with frequent winnings, you won’t find a moment of boredom playing them!

Disadvantage of 243 payline slots

All those advantages of 243-ways-to-win slots cannot go without a compensation. Since you’ll have substantially more wins, the payout amounts are relatively smaller to make up for the higher win frequency. Therefore, it is up to your preferred playstyle on whether you should play on this variety of slots or ones with standard paylines.


243-way video slots are great for beginners, punters who prefer games with more variety, and players seeking something that’s as exhilarating as it is visually beautiful. Many 243 payline slots come with a free version so why not give them a spin to see if it is your cup of tea?