Slots machines are one of the most frequently played casino games in both online and land-based arenas. The nature of the game is to get you “in the zone” and keep you there, and software providers are getting better and better at making attractive and captivating machines each year. From sensational graphics and audio clips to thrilling incentives and prizes, it’s not surprising that slots account for a large portion of the multi-billion dollar industry.

Unlike United States regulations, online casino slots are completely legal in Canada, so you can play to your heart’s content without worrying about committing a federal offense. Canadian players should bear in mind, though, that all winnings are taxable, and should take the necessary steps to claiming their earnings legitimately.

Get into this wildly popular betting frenzy with one of our top-rated online casinos:

Slots Machine Variations

Mobile slots are extremely popular in today’s on-the-move society. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your phone is there, so mobile slots games let you have fun on the run. Whether you’re waiting for a train, stuck in a boring meeting or in the waiting room, mobile slots help pass the time. Popular software providers include Betsoft, IGT, Microgaming Go, NetEnt Touch, Playtech and WMS. Most mobile slots are iOS and Android compatible with limited versions of the game, but some are full-featured like Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck II.

3 reel online slots offer a basic level gaming experience. Themes are fairly simplistic, and special effects are limited. Yet, the less is more principle certainly applies to these slots games. Many people enjoy the laid back, casual attitude that envelopes these reels. With three reels and three rows, limited icons and no special features, you don’t have loads of factors to consider each time the reels start spinning. There are a few 3-reel slots that are more involved, including bonus rounds and special symbols, but these are the exception not the rule.

5 reel online slots expand your options and your experience dramatically. As the number of lines increases, so too does the excitement, incentives and interest that these online casino slots hold. Instead of the classic 3-reels, 5 reelers have an additional two reels, but more than that, they have more in-depth themes, storylines and specialty features. Enjoy The Sopranos, Wild Games and many more of these online casino slots that are guaranteed to captivate you.

243 payline slots are a relatively new innovation, and Canadians are really digging the change. Instead of lines that you can manually turn on and off at will, these slots online have a dizzying 243 paylines that are constantly live. The obvious benefit to this style is that there are exponentially greater opportunities for creating winning combinations. Punters do have the choice of how many coins to bet (the bets are made as if there were 30 lines being wagered on) and the value of the coins being bet. Avalon II & The Dark Knight are great 243 payline slots.

Video-themed slots are among the most popular slots online, mostly because they’re so exciting. The fabulous graphics, familiar (usually from the movie or show it is styled after) images and incredible animation clips create a superior experience that basic slots just can’t compete with. To make matters even more enticing, these slots games are jam-packed with features such as specialty symbols and bonus rounds galore. Battlestar Galactica, Incredible Hulk and Spiderman are fabulous examples of video slots in action.

Fruit Machines are the ultimate in classic casino gaming, they’re actually where all the action began. Simple, straightforward and most of all, old-school charm, fruit machines are the go to for some authentic casino gaming. Games like Funky Monkey, Triple Profits, and of course, Fruit Slots are classic examples. Basically, if you like vintage, this is your stop.

Progressive slots are some of the most exciting slots games because they have the tantalizing offer of winning gargantuan jackpots. Progressive pots are constantly added to whenever anyone plays the game, so the jackpot keeps climbing till one lucky winner hits the big one! The Incredible Hulk, Gold Rally and A Night Out are all terrific options in this category.

Free Play Mode

One of the most appealing features that online casinos offer is the chance to test drive their slots games. With Free Play mode, you can find your favourite online slots, and play as long and as frequently as you like without spending a cent. The benefits to Free Play are:

  • You can enjoy your favourite games anytime, even if you don’t have the funds for gambling.
  • You can take new games for a spin without blowing your bankroll on online casino slots that prove to be less than appealing.
  • You can see unlocked levels without going through the entire gaming process.

The downside to Free Play is:

  • You lose out on the thrill of the gamble.
  • You aren’t making money.
  • Not all games are available, so your selection is limited (only slightly).

For most Canadian players, Free Play mode gives them a golden opportunity to try out new releases or to enjoy some old favourites without thinking about their bankroll.

How To Play Online Slots

Playing slots online is a favourite pastime for millions of people around the world, and Canadian punters are crazed about these reels. If you aren’t familiar with the magic, then here’s a quick run through of how to play online slots.

  • Select a machine that speaks to you. Games will vary in theme, payout, style and gameplay, so you should browse your options before settling down to one. It might be helpful using the Free Play mode mentioned above to familiarize yourself with the variants.
  • Once you’ve selected a game, you must choose the amount that you want to play. Again, various categories of slots games will have varying coin amounts and limits on how much you can wager at one time, so keep this in mind when making your selection.
  • At last, you can select the number of paylines to activate if this is applicable. Some online slots will have varying number of paylines (9, 25, 100 etc.) that you can activate individually, while others will have all lines active all the time (243-line games).
  • After setting everything up, press spin to start the reels in motion. Alternatively, you can select Autospin (in most games) to have the machine automatically run through a set number of spins without having to manually tell it to start after each one.

It’s a good idea to get to know the icons that will appear before you start playing, which you can do by reviewing the pay chart for each game.

Playing Tips

Before you dive into the exciting world of slots games, check out some need to know tips about the odds:

  • Little known fact – slots machines don’t have any odds to them. There’s no cycle that they run through before paying out and no patterns to detect. Each round is based on a random number generator that spits out symbols based on numbers randomly assigned. Every spin has the same likelihood as every other spin. As such, there aren’t any predictive tips you can utilize to outsmart the machine.
  • That also means that payouts are triggered randomly, regardless of recent activity, jackpot winnings or other earnings throughout.
  • The house edge for most online slots machine runs between 6%-15% (94%-85%), the variation depending on the specific casino rules. In general, online slots machine have a greater payback percentage than land-based casinos since there is lower overhead to cover and much more competition.