Protecting Minors

Online gambling is restricted to players that are 18 years of age and older. Regardless of where you are. As such the casinos that we choose to feature are restricted to players of the legal gambling age only. We have no intention of advertising for or enticing minors to gamble and we discourage those which are underage from participating in any gambling activity.

Safe & Fair Gaming

Providing a secure environment for gaming is essential. To ensure that our users are guaranteed a safe and fair gaming experience, we’re very selective in our recommendations of casinos. We only choose licensed gaming operators that have proven that their casino games are regulated with continually tested random number generators and reported payouts and that they provide a safe and secure banking options with encryption to protect your personal details. Casinos that we feel don’t protect their players are listed in our casino blacklist. We will always remove a casino if we suspect foul play. Contact us if you have any concern.

Gambling Problem & Addiction

Gambling Addiction is a disease like any other and while gambling was designed to be enjoyed in moderation and within limit, there are those who find it difficult to limit their gambling in such a way that it becomes a negative and self-destructive activity. If you find that you are suffering emotionally or financially due to your gambling habits and your gambling has advanced beyond a hobby or normal profession, then you may have a gambling problem.

Most casinos will respect your decision to limit or cut off your casino account if you specify that you’re suffering from a gambling problem.

Seeking Help

There is a lot of support available for gambling-related problems including support centers such as the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and groups like Gamblers Anonymous which holds international meetings throughout the world including 11 local chapters in Canada.

For more information on where to find help in Canada check out the Canadian Center for Substance Abuse