Ukash casinos, also known as Paysafe casinos, are unique payment options that are quickly gaining popularity. Canadian gamers prefer Ukash because it’s fast, easy, and secure. In fact, you never have to give any of your financial information over to the Ukash casino sites. Instead, all transactions are done offline, and the Ukash casinos only receive the voucher pin code. Many gamblers worry about the security of their online transactions, and this payment method takes care of that concern for you.

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Why You Should Use Ukash at an Online Casino

On the fence about this novel payment method? Ukash is monitored by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in the UK, so their reliability and security certainly check out. In addition, since you aren’t handing over any personal information, this is the safest method of payment on the Internet. Here are a few more good reasons to opt for one of our Paysafe casino sites.

  • Relaxed credentials: Unlike some other payment methods that require you to show proof of age, bank statements, and other personal details that you may not want to share, Ukash casinos will never ask you for any of that information. Keep your private details to yourself.
  • Ease of use: Ukash ensures that you will never have to worry about finding your credit card when it comes time for making a deposit. Since everything is done through the voucher, you can breathe easy knowing you’ll never lose your card, forget it somewhere else or have it stolen. Just hop over to your local shop, and pick up a voucher in minutes.
  • No fees: Another benefit to using Ukash casino sites is that you won’t be charged the standard transaction fees. Nobody wants to lose out on some of their bankroll because of hidden charges.
  • Instant access: There’s no waiting around for Ukash funds to be cleared. The minute you ok the transaction, your account is fully loaded and good to go.
  • Regulate spending: Some gamblers need to pace themselves properly. The beauty of Paysafe casino sites is that the bankroll is limited to the amount the voucher is good for. That means, you’ve set up your boundaries clearly before the games even begin. This is possibly the most responsible and carefree way of gambling.

Ukash Mobile Capabilities

Ukash casinos accept your vouchers on both their online and mobile sites. If you are using a mobile device and already have a mobile casino account, you are all set. Type in the voucher number just like you would online (see full instructions below), and play the best variety of online casino games anywhere you go.

Our Ukash Casinos

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How to Make a Deposit Using Ukash

Using a Ukash casino couldn’t be simpler. In case this is your first time, though, we can walk you through the process. Here are the easy steps to making a Ukash deposit into your online casino account:

  1. Purchase a Ukash voucher. There are two ways that you can accomplish this first step. If you live in one of the 30+ countries that support Ukash vouchers (Canada being one of them), then you can just zip down to one of your neighbourhood convenient stores, and buy one on the spot. Shops will usually accept cash, check or credit for the Ukash vouchers. Alternatively, you can purchase these vouchers online from verified vendors.
  2. One you have your Ukash voucher in hand, hurry home because the fun is about to start. Log into your online casino account. If you don’t have one, then sign up with one of the Paysafe casinos we mentioned above for optimal service.
  3. Head over to the Cashier’s area of your online casino account, and select Deposit.
  4. There will be several options to choose from generally. Scroll down until you find Ukash, and select that payment method.
  5. Now you’ll need to enter the 19-digit pin code that is typed on the Ukash voucher. Look on your voucher to find this code, and type it into the area provided by the casino prompt window.
  6. Confirm your deposit amount, and your account will instantly be credited with the cash.


Ukash is fantastic for so many reasons. Fast, secure and easy to use, why isn’t everyone using them? Visit one of our recommended Ukash casinos, and you can take advantage of this effortless payment method now!