Instadebit casinos are widespread across the world, and for good reason. This popular payment method is a worrywart’s dream come true because your banking details are kept safe and sound behind locked doors. This is also what makes Instadebit such an attractive option for Canadian punters. Instead of handing your private bank account information over to any online vendor, Instadebit keeps your personal details safe, never disclosing them at all. Instead, all the online casinos get is an Instadebit account number, so your security is guaranteed.

Take a look at the cream of the crop Instadebit casinos Canada loves to bank on, and discover how easy funding your online casino fun can be:

Why You Should Use Instadebit at Your Online Casino

Since there are a number of payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals to and from your online casino account, it can be difficult deciding which option to choose. If you are wondering about Instadebit and whether or not it is a good choice for you, here are some of the reasons that other Canadian punters are using this form of payment currently:

  • No transaction fees: There are no hidden charges that you will be slapped with out of the blue. Instadebit casinos are straightforward and reliable.
  • Great support: While you hope you’ll never need it, when trouble comes up, it’s an invaluable asset to have good customer support to turn to. Instadebit is known for superb customer service, available to help you with all your questions and issues that come up.
  • Anonymity: For people who need their privacy, and that’s most, Instadebit is a good choice. Since your personal details are locked up tighter than Fort Knox, online casinos will not have access to any of your information. What’s more, any transactions are routed through Instadebit, so bank statements showing both deposits and withdrawals will never have an online casino name. Instead, it will merely say Instadebit transaction.
  • Exclusivity: Instadebit was created specifically for US and Canadian players. While this isn’t good news for everyone around the world, it should make the North Americans pretty happy. This means that all your transactions are easy to process, there won’t be any currency conversion issues and all support and instructions will be in your native language and easy to understand.

Instadebit Mobile Capabilities

As reliable as their desktop support, Instadebit is ready and available to fund your casino gaming fun on the go as well. You can load up your mobile casino account with funds through your Instadebit-linked bank account anytime of night or day.

Our Top Instadebit Casinos

Like the idea of Instadebit? Here are some top of the line Instadebit casinos that you can hitch your wagon to. Registration is easy, so sign up now, and begin the fun instantly:

How to Make a Deposit With Instadebit

You’ve got your online casino account all set up. Now for the most important part; fuelling the fire with some cash. Not to worry if this is your first trip down the rabbit hole, here are the easy to follow instructions for making a deposit at the Instadebit casinos Canada hosts:

  1. Begin the process by creating an Instadebit account. This can be a somewhat lengthy process compared to other payment options like Ukash, but the extended processing time is part of a greater plan involving higher security and better service in the long run. Note, that while the signup process is long, transactions are immediate, so you can make your first deposit as soon as you finish creating an account.
  2. Fill in the online registration form, including your personal details and whatever bank account information you want to have linked to the Instadebit account.
  3. Once all your information is connected to the bank account of your choice, you can make a deposit. Of course, you’ll need to make sure there are funds in the bank account being linked to.
  4. Log into your online casino account. As noted above, you can do this on your PC or mobile device.
  5. Visit the Banking section of the online casino, and find the Deposit link.
  6. Instadebit will be one of the first choices on the list since it is so popular, but scroll down further if you don’t find it immediately.
  7. Select the account you wish to transfer funds from, set the amount and confirm your transaction to see funds transferred automatically.

Withdrawals are a slightly longer process because the funds have to be transferred from your Instadebit casinos account to your actual bank account.


Online gambling can be a thrilling and rewarding hobby that delivers fun and excitement every time. So set your sights on some of these Instadebit casinos Canada is already crazy about, and have fun till the sun comes up.