WPN Postponed Tournaments Events Due to Recent DDOS Attacks

By September 14, 2017 No Comments

The Winning Poker Network (WPN) has decided to delay the Bigger Online Super Series (BOSS) tournaments because of the disruptions caused by distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks on their server lately. WPN had already cancelled several events because of these onslaughts and rather than risking another similar interruption on the BOSS tournaments, the online poker room has made the decision to put off the high-stakes tournaments to a later date.

Who is WPN?

Founded in 2001, WPN is a fast-growing online poker room that is friendly to Americans. This is good news for Canadians as Americans are generally less skilled when it comes to casino games due to the lack of online gambling establishments that accept them. This has made WPN events very popular for Canadians as they tend to dominate the tournaments.

What are the BOSS tournaments?

The BOSS tournaments are the high-stakes climax to WPN’s OSS Cub3d tournament series, which guarantees a prize pool of at least an astounding $6.7 million across all its events. The original BOSS tournaments were scheduled to end on 10 September but has now been delayed indefinitely until issues caused by the DDOS attacks have been fully solved and prevention solutions are in place. This is not the first time WPN experiences problems from malicious cyber onslaughts.

Are there other online poker sites for Canadians?

Most certainly! There are many other casino sites that offer poker games online and live casinos with poker tables like Betway and Casinoland to name a few. So why not put your poker prowess to the test and find out if you can make that royal flush to walk away with a lucrative cash prize?

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