Race to the Wins with Microgaming’s Monster Wheels Slot Game

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Microgaming, the leading slot maker for online casinos, has created yet another groundbreaking title in its brand new slot game, Monster Wheels. This fresh-from-the-oven video slot is groundbreaking and allows for more flexibility than most other online slots you’ve seen.

What is the Monster Wheels slot game?

Featuring five reels but with a unique layout that could change depending on which version you’re playing, Monster Wheels is a trailblazing game filled to the brim with action and entertainment. The game has adopted a racing theme but with monsters as its characters, adding in to the fun and quirkiness of the game. The graphics are excellent with compelling animations accompanied by exciting background music. But most importantly, the game gives out great wins too!

A slot game that lets you call the shots?

That’s right! Although Monster Wheels is still very much a game of chance, you get to choose how you like to play it. Unlike other slot games where the only control you have is over the size of your bet, you can choose between the 128 or 288 ways to win versions, switching between the two options whenever you feel like it. Not only that, when you trigger the free spins feature, you get to decide which type of free spins bonus you’ll play for that round:

  • For players who like to go slow but steady, go for the 12 spins with 2x multiplier choice.
  • For players who prefer medium volatility, opt for the 6 spins with 4x multiplier selection.
  • For risk takers, get the 3 free spins but with a whopping 8x multiplier option.

Where can you play Monster Wheels?

You can play Monster Wheels right now at most Microgaming casinos like Casumo, where you can grab up to an astounding $1,600 free money as a warm welcome from the casino. Sign up for an account at the website now and grab a piece of the action at Monster Wheels!

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