Ladbrokes and Playtech Collaborate to Provide New Casino Experience!

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If you are a gambler always looking for the latest casino experience, then Ladbrokes will be the way to go this coming year. Through a collaboration with Playtech, Ladbrokes is looking to launch new and innovative casino experience!

What Will the New Collaboration Bring?

The collaboration between Playtech and Ladbrokes will lead to more functional gameplay. The two companies are focused on developing a casino application that is more attractive where design is concerned, but also more attractive in functionality!

What Other Features Can I Expect with This New Application?

Playtech and Ladbrokes also intend to create a special player-to-player communication system, which could accompany live-action gameplay. A similar messaging system is already available in so-called “social” casinos, where players play with fake money. However, this type of system is rare with genuine online casinos.

Why Are Playtech and Ladbrokes Implementing These Changes?

Ladbrokes and Playtech are considering the changes to make the Ladbrokes casino experience closer to the real thing. While online casinos offer the same opportunities of a normal casino, many people state they miss the social experience. The new system implemented by Ladbrokes and Playtech would finally bring that social experience.

Which Players Should Consider Playing at Ladbrokes?

It is widely known that Ladbrokes has got their long-term focus set on sports-orientated betting. Therefore, players who like to place sports bets will find that Ladbrokes is the best casino for them. Of course, it is also the best casino for gamblers who want a more social casino experience in the future.

Naturally, Ladbrokes has the occasional promotion going on too. The promotions you can expect to benefit from at Ladbrokes include:

  • Welcome bonuses;
  • Loyalty points prizes;
  • Match bonuses;
  • Stake bonuses.

If these bonuses are attractive to you, we certainly recommend heading over to Ladbrokes. However, be sure to consider that the new platform will not be implemented until it is finalized. Until this day, no release date has been announced for the project.

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