Kevin Rivest Dominated the 2017 Canadian Poker Championships

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Kevin Rivest took home the title of the main event at the 2017 Canadian Poker Championships of the latest World Cup of Cards (WCC) Series. Rivest bested a whopping 899 other players and walked away with the title, trophy, and pot.

What is the WCC Series?

The WCC Series is a massive poker festival made up of 36 poker events with more than $4.5 million guaranteed prize pools this year. The festival was held at the Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, near Montreal.

An exciting end to the 2017 WCC Series!

The 2017 WCC Series ended with a climax with the $2,200 buy-in and $2 million guaranteed main event of No-Limit Hold’em Live event. The large pot attracted over 800 players but had only 21 players returning on the final day. Rivest, who was a bit of an underdog without a long solid track record of winning live tournaments, surprised many by winning the event and taking home an astounding $336,325! The Canadian player knocked off some of the best players in the world who also made it to the final table like Mike Leah and Patrick Serda.

Where can you play poker in Canada?

Poker is a fantastic game of strategy and it’s very popular with Canadians. While you can always join live poker tournaments and win big money, the buy-ins can be rather high and you’ll need to be physically at the venue, which could take quite some time to conclude. Alternatively, you can find many online casinos offering poker games on the internet where you can play right in the comfort of your own home. Head over to Betway to test out your poker prowess and see if you got what it takes to win the game!

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