The Biggest Online Casino Jackpots Won in 2017 – So Far!

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Everyone dreams of winning a big jackpot! Fortunately for some players this year, this dream came true. Curious what some of the biggest wins are of 2017? Which games the jackpot was won? Find out by reading our info below!

Mega Moolah Jackpot (25th of April)

The biggest jackpot of 2017 (so far) was won on Mega Moolah, which is not a real surprise since this game is known to provide the biggest online casino jackpots! One lucky player could not believe his luck on the 25th of April though, since he won a whopping €8,012,153.35!

Even though this jackpot was won on Tipico Casino, other casinos have made gamblers millionaires through Mega Moolah too! This includes Zodiac and Captain Cook’s Casino!

Mega Fortune Dreams (2nd of July)

Another big jackpot was won on the game Mega Fortune, which has been a favourite for many casino players. On July 2nd, a whopping jackpot of €5,505,272 was won at Leo Vegas on Mega Fortune Dreams!

We also need to mention that another whopping jackpot of €7,437,199.55 was won late last year; this on a small bet of only £1.25! So, you certainly do not have to place huge bets to win an amazing jackpot on Mega Fortune Dreams!

Hall of Gods

The last major jackpot won this year was won on June 15th. A Norwegian player decided to play Hall of Gods on NetEnt Casino, giving him a jackpot of €7,525,932.97! It is also good to know that this specific game paid out a whopping €57 million over the past five years. So, there is plenty more to be won there.

How Do I Win the Jackpot?

At the end of the day, it is all down to luck. Usually, your chances increase a couple of months after the last major jackpot was won, but this is again a gamble.

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