We’ve all been there. The client is late, the train is delayed, the meeting just won’t end. The interminable seconds ticking by like a swinging blade slicing away at the raw flesh of your patience. You need a distraction, and fast. That’s the beauty and ingenuity of a mobile casino. Delivering the kind of instant entertainment that’s at your fingertips within seconds and offering a huge range of options and possibility to turn a profit while you wait, mobile casinos are the obvious response to those long stretches of time that are threatening to whittle away your sanity.

If you’re tired of wasting your time in between meetings, on a lunch break or when she’s late again, it’s time you started maximizing your on-the-go moments with a little fun that never gets old. From All Slots to Vera&John, dive right into the mobile casino scene with any of these top rated casinos today:

How We Rate Our Mobile Casinos

Now all these rating systems can give you a pretty good idea of who outranks whom in the wide world of mobile casinos, but unless you know how our ranking system works, the actual scores might not give you the informative assessment you are looking for. Our scores are given based on various factors that include:

  • Games offered: Both the number of games, types of specific games like Mega Moolah, and the range of styles that a mobile casino offers will influence its ranking. A site that has a sparse selection is hardly doing anyone any favours, and their ranking will reflect that lack.
  • Portability of casino to handset: We live in a society where the average person’s attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s. While the sobering reality of that fact can be discussed elsewhere, what we can say here is that people playing mobile casino games don’t to wait, juggle or transfer. Canadian punters want their online casino account linked to their mobile ones, easy access to games, lobby and backend and smooth runtime. Ranking will certainly take all of these factors into consideration.
  • Ease of use: As mentioned, having a hassle-free experience is paramount to mobile online casino We take into account ease of opening an account and depositing on mobile, as these are actions people will be taking frequently.
  • Special mobile promotions: Finally, what’s the incentive like for this mobile experience? What kind of freebies do I get for signing up via mobile? Are there special offers I’ll receive exclusively to my phone? These are the kind of fringe benefits that will skyrocket a casino straight to the top.

Casino App Vs Mobile Site

Most of you are probably thinking, “What’s the difference?” If you can play the game on your mobile device, does it really matter whether it’s being run through a mobile site or dedicated casino app? Actually, it does. Both options have their pluses and minuses, so there isn’t an empirical “better” option. It’s just a matter of preference.

Dedicated apps generally run better and have more involved games, but you will have to download the app to your device, something that not everyone has the luxury or desire to do. Alternatively, a mobile site is on the go with you, just plug in the website, but you’ll have to deal with a slower loading time or possibly dropped sessions based on your current Internet connection (that’s not to mention the hazards of piggybacking off of unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots).

The Who’s, What’s, Where’s & Which’s

Now that you know why you want to get on the mobile bandwagon and where to find the best mobile casinos out there, it’s time to get techy. Don’t worry if you’re not a computer geek, this is broken down into terms that we can all understand.

Games: As with any online casino, mobile Canada casinos have a variety of games. The most typical ones are online slots, scratch cards, bingo, poker, roulette and blackjack. The more graphics and animation involved in a game, the longer it will take to load, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Graphics won’t affect downloaded games, and if you have a decent Internet connection, your whole experience will be enhanced with superior graphics. In other words, it might take a little balancing, but the more high-def games, the more exciting the experience.

Popular choices include Tomb Raider, Gold Rally, Jacks or Better and Blackjack.

Devices: You’re probably looking at your phone right about now, wondering whether or not a mobile casino is compatible with your device. Good question. Many mobile online casinos will work with Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Symbian phones along with various tablets, but not all have such far-reaching capabilities. All Slots, Royal Vegas and Casino.com, for example, support nearly all brands and devices, while Bet365 can be played on more current iPhone and Android models.

Technology: Because most smartphones are currently being made with the same processing power as your average PC or laptop, mobile users don’t have to worry about checking for specific graphics requirements or tech specs when purchasing a phone. In all likelihood, your mobile device has more than enough juice to support the awesome casino games that are being designed specifically for your handheld devices.

In fact, game developers are working fastidiously to create better games that will auto-adjust size, images and style elements to fit your screen. High def, 3D images have replaced the flat, characterless images of the past and touch screens and motion detection are paving the way for a bigger, better, faster and more responsive gaming experience like you wouldn’t have dreamed of just a few years ago.

The Down Low on Downloads

There are several means through which to access your mobile casino, and different casinos will accommodate you in varying ways. Casinos with a proper mobile application can easily be downloaded via the app store (Apple or Google Play respectively). Mobile site casinos, on the other hand, are accessed differently. Either you can enter your mobile number on their browser website, and an access code will be sent to you via SMS, or QR codes are also available for scanning. Finally, many casinos are simply reached by typing the URL into your device’s web browser.

*Note that some casinos offer a downloadable version for Androids but only an online site for iOS or vice versa you can check the full list of casino reviews.


Remote access is no longer a luxury but a necessity for online casinos that want to keep their clientele active. Our advice to gaming providers: take your casino mobile, Canada is ready to get busy! For punters who want some real action on the go, tap into the best mobile casinos around today.

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