Online casinos are great for quick and convenient entertainment, but sometimes it’s just not enough. People crave interaction, and that’s where the live casino comes in. Smart live casino technology takes all the excitement, thrills, sights and sounds that you miss from a land-based casino and delivers them right into your living room. Bam! Convenience, exhilaration and gambling – all in one amazing place. It’s not a fantasy, it’s a dream come true with a live casino online.

Ready to take your online casino play to the next level? Then visit some of the best live online casinos from the table below, and get ready for a totally new experience:

The Live Casino Experience

Live online casinos utilize the wonders of modern technology to create a totally new gaming experience that has no parallel to date. Virtual casinos have developed a relationship with brick and mortar establishments that take their live casino online so that all of the games that you’re taking part in are actual tables. There are real people playing, dealing and participating in a real casino. Using live streaming, the games are fed into your computer through your internet connection and that means you receive all the action of a live casino direct to your PC.

This real time aspect creates an out of this world experience for the typical Canadian punter who is used to enjoying the comfort of online casino gambling but might be missing the charge that comes from personal interaction. Experience all the excitement, sensory stimulation and enjoyment, while earning bigger wins than average thanks to this amazing gaming technology. Something else that further enriches the experience is the fact that you are able to play against other players, bringing in a more competitive nature to the play.

Most live casino rooms like, 888 casino and Betway will offer live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat and live hold ‘em. Some will provide even more varieties that will be discussed below.

The Best Live Casino Games & Features

When you’ve got a good thing going, the greats don’t stop with the basics. That’s why, in addition to the major games, blackjack, roulette and baccarat, smart live casino sites will offer games that are above and beyond the norm. Bet365, for example, has live Hi-Lo poker and a unique Asian roulette wheel added to their mix. BetFair has Punto Bunco and Sic Bo as well. Vera&John change things up with an interesting Poker 3 table and Winner plays an exclusive roulette wheel and a version of blackjack called Unlimited Blackjack.

The feature that really spices things up for everyone, though, are the Playboy live casino features. That’s right, you can enjoy your own vivacious bunny as croupier to one of the chosen live casino tables such as Playboy baccarat, Playboy roulette and Playboy blackjack. Currently casinos like All Slots, Platinum Play and Royal Vegas are hosting this alluring feature, but to no surprise, these tables are a quickly growing trend. Many casinos also offer single and multiplayer games, so you can play as much or as little as you like.

Another feature that Canadians particularly enjoy using is the Bet Behind option. While observing the blackjack table, if you notice another player is cruising a hot streak, the bet behind can come in handy to help you monetize the situation. Bet behind allows you to bet on another player winning the hand, thereby making your time waiting for a spot at the table profitable regardless of your own outcome or even lack of cards!

Mobile Live Casinos

With an eye on the ball, software developers saw the rise in mobile usage, and to keep up with the pace, mobile casino platforms were quickly developed. Today, most Android phones, iPhones and tablets are live casino supported including the Samsung Galaxy and Notes and Google Nexus tablets. Versions earlier than iPhone 4, Galaxy S2 and Android 4 are not supported, though.

Pros and Cons

Of course, as with everything in life, there are pros and cons to the live casino online experience as well. The advantages are the unprecedented ability to enjoy every aspect of an enthralling Las Vegas casino right in the comfort of your own space and the incorporation of interactive play within the virtual arena. The downside to this technology is that it’s limited, as mentioned, to specific devices. On top of that, only Real Money gamers are able to access these tables.


Everyone enjoys the luxury of playing casino games at home, work or on the go, and now, with the addition of the live casino direct to your mobile or PC, there isn’t much that land-based casinos have on the virtual ones. Step into one of the many smart live casino rooms available from any computer anywhere, and prepared to be amazed.