Video poker is a fabulously popular online casino game because it’s fast, fun and, well, fabulous. The biggest selling point for video poker, though, is the fact that it has some of the best odds of any game in the casino lobby. Canadian punters will also appreciate the ease of play and the rush of excitement that surrounds this modern twist to a classic gamble.

Check out our list of online casinos where you can play the best video poker online:

Rules of Video Poker

Learning how to play video poker is one of the easiest and greatest things you could do with five minutes of your day. Once you know the basic rules, you can hit up the demo mode and practice until you’ve gotten the hang of all the mechanics involved. Then, clear the way because, with odds that are five times more likely to land you a win than other casino games, it’s guaranteed to be an avalanche of fun, fun, fun! While minor details can vary depending on the version, here are the fundamentals of video poker in a nutshell:

  1. The game opens to a screen with five places for cards to be dealt into. Some variations will have the Paytable displayed on the game screen. If not, you can simply press Paytable to view the payouts.
  2. You’ll also see buttons to adjust your bets, bet the max and deal.
  3. Play begins once you’ve placed a wager and hit deal.
  4. Five cards are dealt face up into the spots provided, and each card has a button that will let you hold that card in your hand.
  5. Hold the cards that work in your favour as per your video poker strategy.
  6. Hit Deal, and whichever cards weren’t held will be replaced by new cards. Your winnings will depend on how much you wager, which combination(s) you are able to create and how many lines you are playing with.

Those are the general rules of play. Now you just need to jump right in and learn on the job. Want a few more insights into the game? Take a look at our tips section below for a grand slam video poker experience.

Odds in Video Poker

Something that any Canadian punter can appreciate is the fact that video poker is so transparent. That is, you know the odds even before you start placing bets. The average house edge on a video poker machine is 3%, meaning it has a return of 97%. Some games are more profitable than others though. Jacks or Better can have a 99.5% return, for example.

Considering the fact that most other games in the casino lobby won’t let you know the house edge immediately, and even when they do, it is not usually as good a return as this, video poker odds are certainly one of the best in the industry.

Video Poker Strategy

Some players go into video poker blindly, hoping to have some fun and maybe even make a little profit and it’s fine if that’s how you roll. Canadian gamblers who enjoy a more calculated gameplay will appreciate a solid video poker strategy. Remember, though, that each game and paytable will have nuances to change your technique slightly, so don’t apply the same video poker strategy across the board. Here are a few more common strategic moves when dealing with high cards:

  • Hold the high card when you’re looking at a dud hand
  • Hold two high cards if you get them; you’re doubling your odds of creating a pair
  • When dealt multiple high cards, keep the ones of the same suit
  • When dealt two high cards vs a pair, stick with the pair

Like what you’re reading? Then take a look at our in-depth analysis for crafting the best strategy for video poker out there.

Top 10 Video Poker Tips

Like most casino games, the best strategy for video poker and online poker in General is to have a few tricks up your sleeves. Here are our top 10 video poker tips to live by:

  1. Learn your poker hands well. If you don’t know which hands rank higher than others, you are more likely than not to throw out a winning combination that was dealt to you.
  2. Learn your poker hands prior to gameplay. There’s no learning on the spot, the action is moving way too fast.
  3. Practice makes perfect. The better you are at the game, the more likely you are to win more frequently. Take advantage of the online casino’s demo mode games to get better at video poker before you start in with real money.
  4. Place the max bet. This is going to give you the greatest potential for large wins, and since wins occur so often, you should see a nice return in a relatively short amount of time.
  5. If the max bet is too much for you to handle, switch to a smaller denomination machine. This is actually a better option than going with a lower bet on a more expensive game because what you’ll lose out on by not playing the max bet is so much greater in video poker.
  6. Check out the paytable before you start playing. As mentioned above, different games will give you varying returns. A video poker machine that offers nine coins for a full house, six coins for a flush will pay out six times more than a machine that lowers the reward to 8 and 5 coins for those same hands.
  7. Go in with a plan. If you need help formulating one, take a look at our tips above to come up with the best video poker strategy
  8. Sometimes, you’ll be given multiple cards that could create winning combinations. When this happens, choose the highest valued combination that is most probable to create.
  9. Don’t hold anything on an inside straight for Jacks or Better. The odds of getting that single card in place are too high. You’re better off scrapping it all, and trying again.
  10. Know when to quit. A smart punter doesn’t keep going when he has exhausted his funds. Rather, he knows that if he wants to play again another time, he must gamble responsibly. Set yourself a specified bankroll, and when that’s been played through, walk away.

Mobile Video Poker Options

Like all your casino fun, you want to make sure that your video poker games can be accessed while on the run. Fortunately, there are a number of top mobile casinos that host your favourite merge of cards and slots., All Slots and Vera&John are just a few of the top of the line options you have for mobile play anytime of night or day.

Video Poker Variations

Video poker is such a popular choice for punters across the globe that gaming providers have come up with a whole slew of variations on the original theme. Take a look at some of the best video poker online:

  • Deuces Wild
  • Aces and Faces
  • 2-Way Royal
  • All-American
  • Joker Poker
  • 10’s or Better
  • Jacks or Better

There are also subdivisions of these variations, called multi-hand games, with four, 10, 25 or 50 lines to play with.


Ready to have some lightning-fast fun that promises to give you a fair chance at earning some cash tonight? Then dive right into one of our casino lobbies for some of the best video poker online now!