First played hundreds of years ago in China, sic-bo is played today in land-based casinos all around the world, and particularly where there are significant expat Chinese populations, such as in Vancouver. Sometimes known as ‘Big Small’, Sic Bo is also an extremely popular game in the casinos of Macau, and has in more recent years been successfully adapted for play in online casinos. Sic Bo is played with three dice and although there are some affinities with craps, one of the main differences is that in Sic Bo each roll of the dice produces an outcome, whereas in craps a single bet may take several rolls to resolve (craps is also only played with two dice). Sic Bo also bears some resemblance to roulette, in that each roll (or spin) can produce several different winning bets

How to play sic bo online

Virtual Table: Online Sic Bo features a virtual table, like both online roulette and craps, on which players place chips to make their bets. The size and number of wagers can be varied from roll to roll, as can the chip size, so Sic Bo offers players choice and the opportunity to manage their bankroll in whatever way they choose. Like roulette, any roll of the dice can produce more than one winning bet, while players can also spread their bets in a variety of ways, meaning you can both win and lose on the one roll of the dice.

49 Different Wagers: A Sic Bo table has forty-nine different wagers available, and the odds on these bets vary significantly, with even money being paid for winning bets on ‘big’ i.e., that the total on all three dice will be between 11 -17, while odds of 180-1 are paid on specific triple bets i.e., a wager that all three dice will land on the one specified number.

Sic Bo House Edge

Variety in the wagers: The variety in the wagers is also matched by the vast differences in the House Edge for each bet (the House Edge being the advantage that the casino has over the player). Betting ‘small’ for instance (i.e., that the numbers on the three dice total between 4 -10, not including triples) means the House Edge is only 2.78%, while making a specific double and single number combination bet (e.g.,two of the dice land on a specific double, the third on a different single number) gives the house an advantage of 16.2%. Understanding this is crucial to any successful Sic Bo bankroll management strategy.

Smaller House Edge: One of the biggest advantages to playing sic bo online is that the House Edge is considerably smaller. For instance, a specific double bet at a land-based casino in Macau has a House Edge of 33.33%, whereas at most online casinos the same bet only gives the house a 11.11% advantage. Therefore, sic bo online offers superior value to games played in traditional bricks and mortar casinos. Sic-bo odds and House Edge may vary slightly between online casinos, particularly with regard to more complex bets, but the table below will serve as a useful general guide:

BetDescriptionPayoutHouse Edge
Bigtotal of all three dice is between 11 -17, excluding triples e.g. three 5s1-12.78%
Smalltotal of all three dice is between 4 -10, excluding triples e.g. three 2s1-12.78%
4, 17total of all three dice60-115.28%
10, 11total of all three dice6-112.50%
5, 16total of all three dice20-113.89%
6, 15total of all three dice18-116.67%
7, 14total of all three dice12-19.72%
8, 13total of all three dice8-112.50%
9, 12total of all three dice6-118.98%
10, 11total of all three dice6-112.50%
Specific triplee.g. three 6s, three 4s, etc.180-116.20%
Any triplea roll where all three dice show the same number30-113.89%
Specific Doublea specific number appears on at least two of the three dice11-118.52%
Any two-dice combinationany combination of two numbers appearing on the three dice6-116.67%
Any numbera specific number appears on one of the three dice1-1 (single), 2-1 (double), 12-1 (triple)3.70%
Specific double and single number combinationtwo of the dice land on a specific double, the third on a different single number50-129.2%

Tips on How to Play Online Sic Bo

Even though it’s a game of chance, it’s still important to have a Sic Bo strategy in place when you play. Like roulette and online craps, the games with which it is most closely associated, every roll of the dice in Sic Bo is a separate self-contained event, meaning that nothing that has gone before can influence the outcome of any subsequent roll. Therefore, Sic Bo strategy is not abut trying to discern patterns in how the dice fall – however tempting it may seem, patterns do not exist – but rather how you approach your wagering and the management of your bankroll.

Here are our five top tips for playing online Sic Bo:

  1. Understand the odds: This is of course true for any game – you need to know what your chances are of winning before you make a bet, otherwise it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to manage your bankroll effectively. It stands to reason that a string of bets at 180-1 is far more likely to deplete your funds more quickly than a series of even money bets, so it’s important to know what your chances of success are before you make a wager.
  2. Understand the House Edge: For any gaming session, you need to have some objectives in mind, e.g., I want to play for this period of time, or I am prepared to risk this much of my bankroll, and this should then influence your wagering strategy. If playing for an extended period of time is your intention, common sense dictates that you should be focusing on the bets with the lowest House Edge as, given a normal run of events and barring any streaks (good or bad!), you will be able to manage your playing time more effectively. On the other hand, if time spent playing is not your concern, you might be able to afford to loosen up a bit and take on some bets with a bigger House Edge (and the risk that comes with it).
  3. Understand that Sic Bo is a game of chance: Avoid looking for patterns or basing your bets on the outcomes of previous rolls of the dice. No matter what has gone before, it does not have an influence on what is to come, and the probability of any dice combination remains exactly the same for each and every roll.
  4. Play free online casino Sic-Bo: Take advantage of the opportunity to play Sic Bo for free in demo mode at our recommended online casinos. In this way you can get a feel for the pace of the game and which sort of betting strategies work best in different situations before you risk any of your own bankroll.
  5. Play at a reputable Sic-Bo casino. The key to enjoying online Sic Bo is choosing a reputable casino with high quality software, a good range of payment options, and proper oversight and accreditation. Our online casino reviews not only tell you which sites will have the best Sic Bo game, but also which casinos have the most trustworthy reputations and provide the best overall gaming experience.


A sic-bo game is fast-paced and enjoyable, quick and easy to learn, and offers players the chance to play in a variety of ways and to employ different types of wagering strategies. At any sic-bo casino that we recommend, not only will you find high quality games produced by the leading names in the industry, but you will also be able to try the game for free to get a feel for how it’s played.