It’s fast and frantic fun whenever you step up to a roulette wheel. Whether it’s the traditional version or a variation on the theme, Canadian gamers keep returning to the mesmerizing spin of this French classic. It’s not the major jackpot that people are chasing when they play roulette but about the experience this game provides. There’s an inexplicable jolt of frenzied action that no punter can resist surrounding that charmed wheel, and now you can get hooked on this hot option too.

Ready to spin the wheel of fortune? Then head straight for the upper echelon of online casinos for an unparalleled experience you’re going to love:

Rules of Roulette

Roulette can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Some people play roulette online just for the fun of it, while others make an obsession out of it, learning every inch of the board like it’s a treasure map. Whichever way you have your fun, play online roulette with these basic rules.

The roulette game screen consists of two entities: the roulette wheel and the roulette board. The wheel is what will spin around during gameplay. Incidentally, software providers are endlessly working on more advanced technologies to deliver ever more impressive graphics in the realm of roulette wheels. Some 3-D wheels are as realistic as sitting in front of an actual roulette game in a brick and mortar casino, and these graphics are only getting better with time.

Bets include:

  • Red/Black bets
  • Even/Odd bets
  • Low/High bets (1-18 and 19-36)
  • Dozen or Column bets (1st, 2nd and 3rd column)
  • Line bets (set of five or six numbers)
  • Square/Corner bet (set of four numbers)
  • Street bet (set of three numbers)
  • Split bet (set of two numbers)
  • Straight bet (one number)

You can combine these bets in myriad patterns and combinations for roulette excellence. As mentioned, the board contains all the slots on the wheel that the ball can land on. Your wagers will drastically vary based on your strategy and personality. Here’s how to play:

  1. Place a wager by clicking on the roulette board.
  2. Now press Spin, and watch as the wheel kicks into motion.
  3. A win occurs if the ball lands on any of the numbers or elements that you’ve placed a wager on.

Odds in Roulette

Here’s where roulette loses points big time in the popularity contest. It has one of the worst odds of any online casino game out there, so you better not be playing to make your mortgage payments this month! The house edge is never lower than 2.63% and usually climbs closer to a high of 5.26%. Those are staggering numbers, so just be prepared to lose gracefully.

Roulette Strategy

Roulette strategizing is not like some other casino games. Are there betting strategies? Yes, and we’ve discussed them here. Will these give you a greater chance of winning? Hard to say. You may win more frequently, but the question remains as to your overall wins to wagers ratio. Because roulette is a game of chance, there’s no real way to logically or systematically calculate a definite win. Nevertheless, roulette remains one of the most frequently played games in the casino lobby. Go figure.

Top 10 Roulette Tips

Before you put that wheel in motion, take note of some of these terrific playing tips that’ll help you make the most of online roulette:

  1. Don’t try to play the croupier. Even if you are playing live dealer roulette, reading the body language, lag time or spin penchant is rarely helpful, generally inaccurate and will prove unprofitable nearly 100% of the time. Don’t waste your headspace.
  2. Learn what random means. When playing roulette online, punters must understand one thing: roulette results are made by a random number generator and can never be predicted. There are no patterns, no systems to learn, nothing to strategize over. Got it?
  3. Demo mode is a godsend. If you are a heavy better, and just can’t shake the charge you get from placing major wagers, then do yourself a favour and go for it! Just do it on a demo game so you don’t end up gambling away your kid’s college fund on an evening of online roulette. Most Canadians will agree there is absolutely no shame in playing free roulette online.
  4. Review you wager options before the wheels start spinning. Roulette is an extremely fast-paced game, and there is often too much excitement charging the air to sit idly in between spins. For this reason, it’s a good idea to know the available betting options before you start playing, so you can put them down and run with it, getting swept away with the fun and revelry of the game.
  5. Get technical. Online roulette offers loads of neat tricks that you can use to help make playing the game that much more fun. Things like stats, saved bets and alternating screen positions can make a huge difference and greatly enhance your playing experience.
  6. Play the odds. If you are a little squeamish about the roulette wheel, start off by playing safe bets such as Reds or Blacks. These are almost 50/50 bets, so you’re chances of winning are good. Do this until you’ve familiarized yourself enough with the gameplay to continue on to bolder wagers.
  7. All in. If you really need to start out slow, you can place bets on both Reds and Blacks in a single round. This is not a generally recommended practice because, while you are almost 100% (because of the white 0 or double 00, it’s not 100%) going to win, you are also just as certainly going to lose. This is only a good practice for those punters that have a need to see a victory when starting out on a new journey. Quickly wean yourself off of this practice and move on to better betting habits.
  8. Fly the red, white and blue, if you dare. People who love to bet against the odds, take higher risks and push the limits will enjoy American roulette. The odds are tougher in this version, and your stakes are higher, so only play this if you think you can stand the heat.
  9. Martingale if you dare. The Martingale system is a cherished betting option that directs the better to double down on every loss and continue until you make back the money.
  10. Learn the systems. Alternatively, there are several other systems including the Labouchere and Fibonacci systems of betting. Learn them all, and play the one that works best for you.

Mobile Roulette Options

Mobile roulette is almost as prevalent as the online version and just as fun. You won’t have to sacrifice quality, variety or profitability when you load up a roulette wheel from Vera&John, Roxy Palace and Platinum Play (to name just a few) on your Android, iPhone or iPad. Use your same online account to keep things super simple and instantly accessible whenever you want it.

Game Variations

Roulette is the same however you dress it up, but there are a few interesting tweaks to the following variations that make each one of them enjoyed in its own right:

  • European roulette is the same as the French variety, but it has a slightly different layout. Gameplay doesn’t change too much, so you can give it a whirl if you want a minuscule change in pace.
  • American roulette is for the brave of heart. This game adds in a twist that will increase the house edge, so you better be ready to play high-risk, fast and furious roulette.
  • French roulette is the original, the classic game of chance that we have all come to love.


Whether it’s your first time playing or you are a seasoned pro, isn’t it time you took roulette out for a spin? Visit your favourite from our cream of the crop online casinos, and see what you’ve been missing.