Keno originated over 2,000 years ago in ancient China, but you wouldn’t know it to look at the game today. Filled to the brim with modern styles, gadgets and whistles, online keno is a far cry from the archaic original, but no less fun. Every Canadian punter loves the idea of hitting the lottery, and that’s what makes keno so enticing. It’s the action and anticipation that everyone loves about the state lotto without the wait, competition or hassle!

If you are ready to give this rodeo a ride, then check out some of our four-star online casinos where you’ll find the best online keno and a huge assortment of other casino games just waiting for you to play:

Rules of Keno

If you’ve ever played the lotto, then you already know how online keno works. It’s a slower paced game, so you don’t have to feel pressured into making a move, and you can go at your own pace. The concept is simple:

  • Regardless of the variation you are playing, the screen will have some sort of grid with numbers in each box (generally it will be an 8×10 grid, but that is not a hard and fast rule).
  • Begin playing by choosing your lucky numbers from on the grid. The number of digits you are allowed to choose depends on the version you are playing and the type of online keno you want to play. You can opt to play however many numbers you want per game between 2-20 depending on the game. The fewer numbers the more challenging it is to hit a match but the more profitable if you do.
  • You should also set the amount of your wager, so you know how much each round is going to cost you (wager amount times the number of balls picked equals the round’s total cost).
  • You can also choose to play a single round or five at a time.
  • To the side of the grid, the computer will show you the payout scheme, how much you will win if you get a specified number of matches (i.e. how much you’ll win for two matches, three matches etc).
  • Once you’re done, set the machine in motion, and balls will start popping onto the screen from the dispenser (again, the style will vary depending on the game version).
  • The balls will land on numbers at random, highlighting those numbers and displaying any winning matches on the screen as well.

Odds in Keno

If you love playing the lotto, then that’s what will also make Keno online so appealing. The tremendous jackpot that could potentially be triggered is another attractive factor. The bad news is that this game comes with the worst odds of any online casino game out there. The house edge is a laughable (and we mean laughable in the bitter sort of sardonic and cruel laughter, of a piano landing on a concert composer from ten flights up sort of humour) 25% minimum. Basically, don’t go into a session of online keno hoping to walk away a millionaire.

Want a solution? Check out our keno strategy and tips below.

Keno Strategy

Before you get your hopes up, let’s be frank with each other. There is no such thing as a keno strategy for winning. The odds, techniques and concepts behind can be seen in a more complex article here. What you can strategize when playing keno is how to have the best time possible, and that’s where our handy tips come into play. Apply all 10, and you are sure to have more fun than riding a toboggan going downhill at high speed.

Top 10 Keno Tips

Here are our sure-fire top 10 tips for having a blast while playing keno online:

  1. Play free online keno. This is a neat and easy way to get the fun and excitement of playing keno online without having to worry about your bankroll dwindling into non-existence. Play on free mode, and just have a good time.
  2. Stagger your play. Instead of shooting for a 20-game streak, spread out your keno play. You can pace yourself by playing other games in between rounds or by adding other elements into your keno session such as snack time.
  3. Play at some of our featured casinos like Royal Vegas and Spin Palace to earn bonus spins at your next keno game.
  4. Max out. Not your bankroll, of course, we mean your number limits. Play the maximum amount of numbers allowed for the online keno version you are playing to ensure that you win the maximum jackpot.
  5. Minimum wagers. On the other hand, if you want to keep play going for as long as possible, keep your wagers lower. This can be done by selecting fewer numbers (contrary to our previous tip) or by opting for a lower wager denomination. This can keep the fun running for longer.
  6. The Luck of the draw. Everyone has a lucky number, whether it’s your birthday, favourite poker hand or a fond childhood memory. Play that number, and who knows, maybe lady luck will smile upon you.
  7. On a roll. Some strategists find that picking consecutive numbers brings you better odds. This cannot be proven mathematically, but if it makes you happier, then run with this concept.
  8. Keep things light. The best tip when playing keno online is not to take things too seriously. After all, you’re playing a game and the idea is to have fun.
  9. Split the tab. If you and your friend both have limited bankrolls, why not chip in and have some fun together? Your gambling spree can last longer, and fun is always multiplied exponentially when shared with others!
  10. Bow out gracefully. If you’ve finished your bankroll, and you want to have fun playing keno online again, then walk away when the night is done. There’s always more fun where that came from another time.

Mobile Keno Options

Mobile keno lets you experience the fun of lotto gaming on the go. Many mobile casinos will host a keno game of some version or another. Our recommended casinos that host mobile keno games include All Slots, Platinum Play Casino and Lucky247.

Keno Variations

As we mentioned, keno comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some of the more well-known keno varieties include power keno, super keno and keno combination, but our all-time favourite variation on the classic bingo theme is Bonus Keno. This inviting casino game is offered at the livelier online casinos like Casumo and Vera&John, and it throws joker symbols into the mix for better odds on making the winning matches you need. What’s more, when you play Bonus Keno get yourself ready for a bonus round that equals more excitement, fun and jackpots!


Online keno is the game of choice for punters who like to take the high risk bets for a chance of winning huge cash prizes. Besides, what’s a lousy dollar against the possibility of winning a quarter of a million? Don’t get hung up on the mathematics of the odds when it comes to keno online. Instead, focus on the entertainment value of the game, and enjoy playing both the paid and free online keno varieties that our top rated online casinos have to offer right now.