If you like the myriad options that a roulette board gives you, then you are going to get a real charge out of craps online. Canadians love to play around with the betting options, combining skill and fancy with just enough luck to have a blast. In brick and mortar casinos, gamblers love craps because it generates a tremendous buzz around the entire scene. What’s more, you are the one rolling the dice, so you feel like you have more control over the game. Craps online gives you the same element of excitement and you control everything with the click of a button.

Hope you’re ready to have some fun playing craps online. Visit our stellar online casinos, and find out where the party’s at:

Rules of Craps Online

Craps rules are not complicated in and of themselves, but there are a lot of wagers that can be placed, so this can take a newbie some time to absorb. We’ll focus on the more common directions of how to play craps, and you can incorporate more complex betting systems if you prefer once you’ve become more comfortable with the game itself.

  1. Play begins by placing a wager, betting on the outcome of a double dice roll. At this time, you can put down any wager you like, including the more limited pass line or don’t pass wagers.
  2. Once the initial bets are made and the first roll is rolled (called the come out roll), things start to change:
    • If the roll equals either a seven or an eleven, pass line bets win.
    • If the roll totals two, three or twelve, don’t pass wagers win. This is the definition of craps itself.
    • Any other total becomes the “point”.
  3. Now your pass line bets are transferred to the new “point” number, and you can add other combinations to your wager if you’d like.
  4. The dice are thrown again, and continue to be thrown, until either a seven or the “point” number is rolled:
    • If the “point” is rolled, all pass line bets are paid out, and the round ends.
    • If a seven is rolled, the round ends, and play begins again with a new come out roll.

It doesn’t take long to learn the preliminary craps rules, and then you can start having fun with all the variations you see on the screen. Punters will also notice that the craps online gameplay is slightly less complicated and therefore faster than the regular version. Most Canadians enjoy the fact that they can turnover more games faster with this abridged variation.

Odds in Craps

The house edge will vary considerably depending on your wagers, and the smart punter will place bets that bring down this disadvantage considerably. For example, betting on some of the riskier options (see Tips below) will land you with almost crippling odds. On the other hand, a good craps strategy could land you with a house edge that’s as low as 1.41%. That’s worlds better than online slot machines and almost four times more reasonable than roulette.

Craps Strategy

Now that you know how to play craps and you’ve got some background to help you get started, you’re ready to play, right? Wrong. On top of knowing the craps rules and best practices, you’ll want to have a solid craps strategy on hand so you don’t make the lethal mistakes that cause all your gambling fun to go sour. Of course, some strategies are worse than others. Refer to our detailed article for a comprehensive look at the best way to craft a craps strategy that will bring you wins more often than not, and check out our top tips for craps excellence.

Top 10 Craps Tips

What’s even more important than knowing how to play craps is knowing how to WIN at craps. Study these tips, and then practice your victory dance, because you’re going to need it!

  1. Pay attention to the rounds. In the initial roll, a seven will make you the winner, but in subsequent rolls, a seven is your undoing. This can get confusing for first time players, so keep reminding yourself about this tip.
  2. Know your betting options. What’s even trickier than learning the actual bets is learning which wagers to avoid. Because the majority of craps wagers will have the players practically betting against themselves, it’s important to know which bets to focus on, and which ones should just be skipped altogether. Learn up, it’ll be the best thing you can do for your craps strategy.
  3. The Pass Line bet is the Canadian punter’s best bet. It offers a super low house edge and it works in your favour.
  4. Avoid these bets like the plague. The Big Six and Big Eight bets are alluring because of the big numbers, but don’t get sucked in. These have an abysmal 9.1% house edge, you’re asking to get your bottom kicked!
  5. What’s worse than the plague? Well, whatever it is, that’s what betting on the Hard Four and Hard Ten will give you. If the above house edge is abysmal, there are simply no words for an 11% (or higher!) house edge working against you. Stay away!
  6. Capitalize on the zero house edge. How do you do this? Simple. After a point is called, increase your pass line bet and take odds on the point. This action effectively lowers the house edge to the bare statistical probability of rolling the point (instead of being bloated by the house rules as the initial roll is).
  7. Understand your wagering limitations. While taking the odds is a really good move in terms of probability, realize that the pass line bet and odds bets are connected. This means that if you lose one, you lose them both. Understanding this will help avoid confusion at the end of a losing round.
  8. Don’t get spooked. Many Canadian players bring superstitions to the craps table, and these will only hamper both your ability to play and the enjoyment you glean from each round. Common ones include not saying the word “seven” once a point is made and craps “virgins” being luckier than others.
  9. Instant Play. Instant play mode is the newbie casino player’s best friend. In fact, even seasoned pros can enjoy the benefit of this gaming version. Instant play mode is a demo version of the games you love, and guess what, it doesn’t cost you a thing. So you can test the waters, see how the gaming mechanics work and learn all about the different types of wagers to be placed without having to break the bank on a freshman run.
  10. Limits are important. Finally, no gambling spree can last forever, which is why limits are important. Responsible gambling means putting a cap on your spending and knowing when it’s time to walk away.

Mobile Craps Options

Craps is a great game, and shouldn’t be limited to desktop play. That’s why most of our mobile casinos offer you mobile versions of craps that you can play straight from your web browser. Royal Vegas, Betfair and Spin Palace take things one step further, offering specialized apps for tablets, Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry phones. They’ve got you covered because wherever you go, you should never be without your lucky dice.

Craps Variations

Unlike most casino games, craps online doesn’t have the same variety of offshoots. There are a few worth mentioning, though. Vegas Craps adds some glitter and glitz, but it’s pretty much the same game as the original. Sic Bo can be seen as a version of craps because it uses the same mechanics, though there are three dice instead of two and there is a different set of betting parameters.


To sum it all up, craps is a great way to let off some steam after a long week. Log into one of these online casinos for the best experience in gambling across Canada and the world, and get lost in the fun, the excitement and the magic of craps online.