Caribbean stud poker is a variety of poker, so you can be sure to find Canadian players visiting these tables constantly. The game originated on a cruise liner, and it has since become an elusive but delightful variation on the standard rules of poker. Punters particularly enjoy the steady pace of the game, giving you enough time to think out your strategy and next play, but moving fast enough to keep things nice and interesting. There is always something to be gained from sitting down to a session of Caribbean poker, so, if you haven’t yet, give these version a try.

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Rules of Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker is very similar to regular online poker so if you’ve ever played Texas Hold’em or any other variation, you can be confident that you can pick up the rules fairly quickly.

The biggest difference is, of course, your opponent. Normally in poker, it’s every man for himself. In Caribbean stud, though, you are betting against the dealer. This automatically changes the dynamics of the game, whether you are playing a live or online version. While you still have the enjoyment of a competitive gambling challenge, Caribbean stud takes away some of the pressure that other versions of poker bring to the table. Here is the basic rundown of gameplay:

  1. Players begin by placing a wager. When playing online Caribbean stud poker, select the coin denomination, wager amount and get ready to play.
  2. After the betting stage is completed, players are dealt five cards each. The dealer also receives five cards, and one card is turned face up for players to see.
  3. Immediately, you are given the choice to either continue playing or to fold. If you are looking at a losing hand, fold. Otherwise, opt in by raising your initial wager twice the original ante bet.
  4. Once bets have been raised, the dealer reveals his cards. The winning hand must have an ace-king combo or better. If the dealer has this type of hand, then each player’s hand is compared to the dealer’s to see who holds the higher valued poker hand.
  5. If you are holding a better hand than the dealer, you win.
  6. (If the dealer does not have a qualifying hand, in other words, he does not have an ace and a king, then you win back even money on your ante bet and the raise is pushed).
  7. A tie game pushes both ante and raise bets.

Ante bet wagers are paid out evenly, but raise payouts go according to the value of the hand. A royal flush, for example, pays out 100 to 1, while two pairs will only get you 2 to 1.

In addition to standard Caribbean stud poker game play, many online casinos will attach a side bet for a major jackpot. This is a separate bet you can make, and it can be triggered by anything from a flush or better. The jackpot is a progressive pot, so the amount you’ll win if triggered varies, but it’s always impressive.

Odds in Caribbean Stud Poker

The odds involved in playing Caribbean stud poker are more favourable than other casino games. You can actually get the house down to around 2.5% odds if you are smart with how you play the cards. It can go higher, but usually will settle around 5% if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is still a better percentage than some, especially when you take more randomly selected wins games like slots machines or keno into account.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Caribbean stud poker is a great game because it combines so many of a Canadian players’ favourite elements like fast pace, exciting atmosphere and nice takeaways. Another aspect of Caribbean stud is the strategy factor. Unlike online slots, you can actually formulate and implement logical strategies than can help you mathematically increase your odds of winning, making your Caribbean poker session more profitable and fun. We discuss the complexities involved in crafting the perfect Caribbean stud poker strategy here, but check out some of our basic tips to help get the ball rolling.

Top 10 Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

Want to win big at Caribbean stud? Reading our in-depth discussion about how a Caribbean stud poker strategy is devised will give you the edge that you need to start winning at an amazing rate. In addition, you can test drive these tried and true tips from poker experts, and watch your game improve instantly:

  1. Get educated. There’s is nothing worse than passing up on a golden opportunity because you lacked certain basic information. When you sit down at a poker table without knowing the hands down pat, that’s basically what you are doing. You wouldn’t even know a winning hand if it was staring you in the face. Learn the hands, values and rankings before you start to make wagers.
  2. Don’t go in fists (or in this case, coins) flying. If you’ve never played Caribbean poker before, you are probably going to lose more often than you win initially. There’s no shame in that, but the wise punter will take advantage of free Caribbean stud poker to learn the ropes and really get good at the game before diving into the lion’s den. Try Betway, Royal Vegas and Spin Palace for a demo version of Caribbean stud.
  3. Raise whenever you’ve got a pair or higher. The odds are in your favour, so run with that.
  4. On the other hand, know when to fold. If, for example, you have less than an ace king combo with three random cards, this is a good time to fold.
  5. If the dealer has the same face up card as you, and you’ve got an ace, king, jack and 10, raise every time.
  6. Alternatively, if you’re holding a jack and any other combination of numbers that are dissimilar to the dealer’s up card, fold.
  7. Raise the roof if you are holding a royal flush, or even if you are holding an ace-jack combo with any other number.
  8. Fold gracefully. Remember, there is no shame in walking away from a bad hand. You’re better off getting out early and just losing that initial investment, than riding a dead horse that will only keep costing you more and more to maintain.
  9. It can be tricky knowing exactly when to raise and when to fold, but it is a good sign if your three random cards are high or if the dealer is holding a low card (especially if that card matches one that you are holding.)
  10. Play the side bet for more winning opportunities. A progressive jackpot always excites the average Canadian punter, and it is a great way to win big with little risk involved.


Caribbean stud poker is a neat variation to the standard poker game, and it is a terrific option if you are looking to spice things up a bit. Read through our instructions, strategies and tips, and then visit one of our winning online casinos so you can see what Caribbean poker fun really looks like today.