Once upon a time, in the dark, distant years of the last century, online casino gaming was a curious sport hampered by the glacial connection speeds of typical consumer Internet services. Armed only with a prehistoric modem (chirping away like a demented Martian to transact tiny bursts of data) early players would need online casinos to post them a CD-ROM (remember them?) to load the gaming software they’d need to play. Quickly accessing top quality games in a desktop browser was the stuff of fantasy; the dreams of a madman. Then things changed.

The Flash Advantage

Quick as a Flash: Consumer Internet connections quickened, and browser-based multimedia tools – and in particular Macromedia Flash – suddenly made Instant Play online casino games a reality, and with it a whole new world of gaming became not only possible, but hugely desirable for a whole new army of players. Today Instant Play, or Flash Casinos as they’re often known, dominate the way we enjoy online gaming and some examples of our favourite destinations, such as 32Red flash casino, can be found below.Mentioned above, it was Macromedia Flash that was one of the key innovations that unlocked the Instant Play casino revolution since it allowed good-looking, entertaining casino games to be played universally in web browsers. That influence lives on, and although new technologies such as HTML5 are replacing Flash as the tool to build online casino games, the terms ‘flash casino’, ‘flash slots’ and ‘flash roulette’ are still commonly used to describe games that load and play instantly in our web browsers.

Flash v Download: Whilst download casino software is still available as an option at some sites – notably those powered by Microgaming – the vast majority of players enjoy their online wagering exclusively with flash casino games. Why? The reasons are simple:

Convenience – Flash casino games are ‘Instant Play’, taking just a few seconds to load into a web browser window. Nothing needs to be downloaded and then installed on your computer, removing a whole world of pain for many players who want the minimum of fuss to play what they want.

Quality – With modern broadband connection speeds flash casino games could up the quality of their presentation without sacrificing the ‘Instant Play’ advantage they had over download casino equivalents. Today’s flash slots and flash roulette games are very smooth operators indeed, and there’s negligible difference in the rich, immersive experience they can deliver compared to download games.

Platform Agnostic – Use Windows? Swear by Macs? Linux lover? Who cares! Flash casino games don’t give a moose’s left nut what computer you’re running. If it can surf the web with a modern web browser it should play the game! Download casinos have always been, and still are, for Windows users only, so exclude a lot of players who can’t (or won’t) entertain Microsoft’s operating system.

Mobile Casino – Although a pedant might argue mobile casino is not strictly ‘flash casino’ (mobile casino games are coded exclusively with HTML5) the Instant Play nature of the experience can be regarded as part and parcel of what players love about it. You certainly don’t get any download casinos for mobile!

Recommended FLASH casinos

All of our recommended casinos offer non-download, instant play games as the primary source of their gaming goodness. The Spin Palace Flash Casino or 32Red Flash Casino sites are great examples of the quality you can now expect from flash slots and table games like flash roulette. A single spin is all you need to see that there’s nothing second-class about these instant play games, with first-class sound, graphics and animation creating an authentic ‘casino’ atmosphere that really lifts the experience above the ordinary.

Flash Casino Reviews: For more information on what flash casinos like 32Red and Spin Palace can offer new players (including some rather tasty Welcome Bonus promotions), don’t hesitate to read our detailed reviews elsewhere on this site.


The universal adoption of flash casino games at the best online casino games in recent years is hardly surprising. The gap in presentation and general bells and whistles that may have existed between flash and download casino games, has now narrowed to the point where, frankly, we think it’s all but disappeared. The rise of flash casino gaming has also done away with the need to worry about operating systems and all that malarkey that could frustrate players in the past. Moreover, the natural extension of great casino gaming via web bowsers on our desktop computers has been into our mobile devices, and this has all been made possible via the revolution sparked by flash casinos.

Our opinion? Whilst we can’t guarantee the instant satisfaction of a big win the next time you settle down to some online slots, blackjack or roulette at one or our recommended casinos, we do know that the ease of enjoying some great gaming courtesy of a suite of beautiful, ‘Instant Play’ flash casino games should certainly put a smile on your face.