So you’re tempted to explore the world of online casinos, spin a few slots or try your hand at a little blackjack. But no doubt you’ve got plenty of questions to ask because, let’s be honest, it looks like there’s lots to learn. Don’t panic. We’re here to help and we’ve compiled a list of many of the most common questions new players have, with answers we hope will help you confidently enjoy the games you want to play at sites that you’re confident to trust with your hard-earned money.

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Are online Casinos legal?

Yes. The online casino business is now quite mature and an independent regulatory framework has developed to ensure that eligible players can enjoy remote gambling services overseen by reputable and strict licencing authorities that ensure fair play and honest dealing. All the online casinos we recommend are legal and hold licences from the most highly respected gambling commissions.

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What are my chances of winning at an online casino?

All the games at reputable online casinos, such as those we feature on this site, are licenced with the “chance of winning” calculated and openly reported. Most commonly this is shown as the Return To Player (RTP) figure, and is the overall percentage of wagers that are paid back out by that game as winnings. This is usually in the mid to high 90s which is very favourable for players in general, but it isn’t an assurance of individual performance. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The overwhelming majority of casino games (Blackjack being one of the few exceptions that does have a skill element) are games of pure luck, so your chances of winning are the same as every other player’s, and licenced online casinos only have games that are independently certified as fair.

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What qualities define a good online casino?

In no particular order, great games, great customer service and great security are paramount. You should be able to trust an online casino to play fair, look after you and your money plus pick great games to keep you entertained. Beyond that, many players enjoy the benefit of promotions that reward their loyalty, so we always consider that element too when reviewing and recommending online casinos on this site.

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How do I know the games aren’t fixed?

Any online casino that fixed its games to defraud its players would not only lose its licence, but its reputation would quickly spread across the online playing community to kill it stone dead in no time at all. All the games at properly licenced online casinos are rigorously assessed and certified as fair by independent bodies, and no decent online casino would risk its reputation (and ultimately destroy its business) by cheating its customers.

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How do I play for real money?

Real money wagering at an online casino requires the player to sign up for a secure player account, and choose a payment method to deposit money for play. All the best online casinos have free membership and offer lots of different secure payment methods to suit different players’ needs. The payment method you choose (such as credit / debit cards) is often used to withdraw winnings from your account too, although some payment services don’t have the option and another service will be used for that purpose.

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Can I play online casino games for free?

Yes. Many of the games at the best online casinos feature a ‘free play’ or ‘demo’ mode. This lets you try the game out before you commit any real money to playing it. For any player, playing free games is a smart way to learn a new game’s rules so you’re comfortable that you know what you’re doing before laying some real stakes

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What is a welcome bonus?

Welcome bonuses are promotions every decent online casino offers new players to welcome them to their site. They commonly offer a bundle of bonus cash that matches a certain percentage of a new player’s first deposit, although there are variations on this scheme and some casinos even offer a bonus without requiring any deposit. Welcome bonuses are a great way to get extra value for money at an online casino by giving you more spending power.

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What are wagering requirements?

All bonus money paid to players at online casinos is subject to a wagering requirement. This is a fair condition applied to bonus money that means the player is free to use the money for playing more games, but cannot cash it out immediately. In the simplest terms, the wagering requirement is a measure of how many times the bonus cash must be played through a casino’s games before the player is free to treat it as money they can withdraw and spend elsewhere.

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What are the best games to play?

This is an almost impossible question to answer! However, for a completely new player we do have one useful suggestion. Although not a cast-iron guarantee of satisfaction, trying out the most popular games at an online casino is a good start. Many online casinos now list their most popular games to make this job easier, and if lots of their players are mobbing a game it’s not a bad indication that it’s got some star quality. Beyond that the choice is yours, but randomly experimenting with free play versions of different games is good fun and might unearth a hidden gem you hadn’t considered playing before.

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what’s the best advice you’d give a new player?

Keep it fun, and only play with money you can afford to spend. Online casino gaming is great entertainment and not a get rich quick scheme, so enjoy the thrill of wins but understand that you’ll have both good and bad luck when playing. Smart players never chase a loss, so a good tip is to set yourself a ‘bankroll’ you’re happy to spend on a session and if you use that up, finish play at that moment. Remember, the online casino’s going nowhere, so you can always come back another time when you’ve got the fresh funds to splash a little more cash on your fun.

Our site is also full of great casino reviews, tips and articles to help new players learn more about how to play, what to play and where to play so be our guest and help yourself to what you want. No charge.

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