We know there is a lot to weigh when choosing an online casino, and we want to provide the best analysis of what’s out there to help you make your decisions.

What are the most trusted casinos? Are you better suited for Microgaming or Playtech? Where can you find the best bonuses? Where can you find the best games? Our goal is to answer all those questions and more, serving as a portal to the exciting world of online gambling for rookies and veterans alike.

Who are we?

Nick Williams: Nick is a University of British Columbia graduate and currently lives in Winnipeg. He is the owner, founder, editor and head writer for OnlineCasinos.ca. A passionate online gambler, Nick began writing casino reviews when he realized there was a dearth of quality review sites for online casinos. Because of his interest in the world of online gambling, Nick has become something of an expert in the field, making him the perfect candidate to head our online casino reviews and beginners’ guide.

Emma John: Emma’s interest in online gambling and her background in web development made her an attractive hire for Nick, who met Emma at the blackjack table. Emma handles the technical side of things for OnlineCasinos.ca, heading web development and technical support. We like to think the layout of this site is a strength, and that’s all due to Emma’s expertise.

Juliette Thompson: Juliette works developing Java applications during the day, but her main contributions here are her abilities to cover bonuses and new casinos. Juliette is among the best at working that beat, which includes keeping tabs on our blacklisted casinos. Juliette is also a big poker player, playing online or offline in her spare time.

Questions about the site can be directed to Nick on his Google+ page, or you can contact the site’s staff directly at contact at onlinecasinos.ca.