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Welcome to the #1 Canadian online casinos portal, the only place where you can find the most recent and most thorough gambling information, which is specifically geared towards Canadians. Here you will discover which Canadian online casinos will provide you with the greatest bonuses, offers, easiest payment methods and the most elaborate assortment of games for your gambling pleasure.

Stay tuned, and learn everything you need to know to make your next online casino experience a winning one.

How We Choose Our Top Casinos

Putting together a site of the best online casino services is not an easy task. There are so many factors to consider, a seemingly endless amount of online casinos to review and variables that are always changing. Don’t forget the underlying premise that drives our site, to provide our clients with not only the top, but the top Canadian online casino services. All in all, our staff has had their work cut out for them, but they rallied to the task admirably. If there is a casino online, we’ve combed it and put it to the following tests to get the most accurate and informed results.

Here is a breakdown of how we came to our final conclusions:

  • Research: When we say extensive research, the term just doesn’t do our team justice. The hours that they spent pouring over each casino online, the detail and the consideration that was used, is beyond description. The efforts were all worthwhile, though, because the results delivered were exhaustive and right on the money.
  • Bonuses: Let’s be honest, the vast majority of gamers out there are coming to one online casino over another because of the promotions they’re offering. Freerolls, Welcome Casino Bonuses, Seasonal giveaways, surprise prizes and daily, weekly, monthly promotions were all assessed and rated within our reviews.
  • Support: The customer support staff of a Canadian online casino represents the online casino’s overall attitude towards its customers. A solid support system should include friendly, knowledgeable and efficient representatives that will answer your questions the way you want and need them to. Online casinos were ranked according to how fast, how good and how accessible their staff was.
  • Gaming selection: Nobody wants to play the same games over and over again, so a broad array of casino games is really important to the gaming community. At the same time, the world is made up of billions of people, which makes for a lot of different personality types. It stands to reason then that these varying personalities will be attracted to different gaming styles, and that’s why we judged our casino selection not just on number but also on the type of games that are offered.
  • Mobile capabilities: With mobile phone usage soaring to record heights, any online casino that doesn’t have a mobile presence is going to be left behind in the Stone Ages where they belong. Online casinos were ranked based on how mobile-friendly the sites were, whether they provided in-house apps and which devices the platform was compatible with. Mobile casino games, payment and bonus variants were also mentioned.
  • Banking methods and speed: Canadian online casinos were rated by how many payment options were available and how fast the funds were received.
    With these and a few other important criteria in place, our staff put themselves to work choosing the cream of the crop for your gambling enjoyment. What they came up with was the extensive portal that you see before you filled with each online casino Canada is going to love to love.

All About Canada

There are several review sites out there, so what makes us different from all the rest? Aside from the amount of research and painstaking effort that was put into making our online casino portal the best, our crowning glory is the same thing that makes you punters so special; we’re Canadian! That’s right, we’re proud to be knocking knees with the Canucks, and unlike other casino review portals, we use our Canadian pride to fuel our reviews as well.

We feature only the best Canadian online casino reviews, and that means you will find casinos that offer Canadian currency, customer support in our native language and even Canadian themes in style and bonuses when available. There’s a lot to be proud of in being Canadian, and we are happy to be counted as one of them.

All in One Shop

In addition to being damn proud of our heritage, the Canadian casino portal has another benefit to our reviews that keeps us standing out from the crowd. We are a complete online casino resource, and this is a big advantage over other sites. Rather than make you chase the information you are looking for, scattered around the web in piecemeal articles and coming through in dribs and drabs, our reviews give you all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Want to know what the bonuses are for a particular online casino? You’ll find it in our reviews. Searching for the online casino Canada relies on for easy payment options? That’s here, too. What if you are looking for all the best online casinos that are powered by Playtech? We can even give you that information with just the click of a button.

Our reviews pack in the latest offerings, relevant news details, good gaming strategies and more. Throughout our site, you can find articles on how to play like a pro, instructive beginners’ guides and the best places to find the right odds for your favourite poker game. In short, the Canadian Casino Portal is the one stop shop for all the online casino information you’ll ever need. So what are you waiting for? Find that special online casino Canada is raving about, and start playing today!